About Us

Team Raven is a formation aerobatic display team that formed in May 2014. Having formed in late 2013 with just Steve and Barry they were looking for more RV owners with formation and display experience.  Gerald Williams was an obvious choice with a soon-to-be completed RV8; along with him he brought Mark Southern, with a recently acquired RV8.

Originally flagged to have Gerald as the lead pilot, a mind-set change from Simon ‘Sid’ Shirley in February 2014 lead to the purchase of an RV4 and the Team had a leader.  Despite this apparent disparate collection of pilots, the Team have known each other for many years; indeed, Steve, Barry, Gerald and Sid have flown in and around Swansea in Yak 52s for many years and Gerald has flown with Mark for a number of years in ex-military fast jets.  This has resulted in an extremely close knit Team that revels in each other’s company.

Entirely self-funded, the Team has striven to create a professional and effective display team with a corporate image right off the bat that sets the right tone in all that they do.  Although in some senses they are differing characters, the Team Raven pilots share the same professionalism, drive, enthusiasm and passion for aviation and display flying; they are also great mates with a shared sense of humour!

The choice of aircraft is purely down to the vision of Steve, who having bought an RV4 in 2008 declared that “these things are the future of affordable performance light aviation”.  He was right.  Initially keeping the RV4, Steve sold his Yak 52 and embarked on building his RV8 whilst trying to convince the other 2 members of Team Osprey to sell the Yaks and buy RVs – he was 50% successful. The Team name ‘Raven’ came from a play on the letters ‘RV’ and makes more sense if written ‘RaVen’ as per the badge on the sides of the aircraft fuselages.

“these things are the future of affordable performance light aviation”

Simon ‘Sid’ Shirley

Sid leads the Team in his recently-acquired RV8 having switched from his RV4.  A keen motorcyclist, Sid has been known to tour Europe (mainly the Pyrenees) with other bikers including Steve – wherein Sid is definitely not the leader!  

Steve Lloyd

Steve is the brains and the energy behind the Team having formed it late in 2013 with Barry and has been flying for 29 years and displaying for 11 with over a thousand hours experience, having previously been in Team Osprey in his Yak 52.

Barry Gwynnett

Barry has been a private pilot for in excess of 35 years gaining a total of more than 2000 hours on all sorts of aircraft ranging from ‘Touring Aircraft’ to Yaks and Piper Cubs and Pawnee tug plane and has been a display pilot for 11 years.

Gerald Williams

Gerald, originally a professional rugby player in Wales, New Zealand and South Africa is now a successful businessman in the Swansea area.  A keen PPL pilot for 25 years with more than 2000 hours.

Mark Southern

Mark is a current training captain with Thomas Cook currently flying the Airbus A330/321 and is an ex-RAF fast jet pilot having flown the Tornado GR1 and the Jet Provost in the instructional role.